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We explore Hong Kong in a new way.


Despite its small size, Hong Kong has some of the most striking and valuable natural landscapes in southern China. Its scenic beauty, ecology and agricultural heritage rival those of much larger parts of mainland China.


Two other facets make Hong Kong a delight for nature lovers and hikers. Remarkably, 40 per cent of the total land area has been set aside for conservation, recreation and tourism - in 23 country parks and several marine parks. This unique system, with its myriad routes, is close to the city: you are never far from nature and enchanting trails. Just a few minutes uphill from the hustle and bustle of Central or Wan Chai, visitors can stroll through subtropical forests. 


This is the Hong Kong that this website explores: Here we go!

Discover Hong Kong's hidden landscapes, including waterfalls, beaches, hiking trails, and the natural beauty of its smaller islands and new territories. Experience the authentic local life of a Hong Konger.
Hiking in Hong Kong

Alan Wong

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